Although the business needs of a product may be well understood, it is often  difficult for an organisation to translate those needs into coherent product  specifications. Multi-disciplinary analysis is required to specify a product  with respect to user experience and technical solutions, whilst ensuring the  business needs are fully addressed.

We can provide a comprehensive consultancy service to fully explore business  needs and capture appropriate solutions in a manner that can be readily  understood by decision makers. We specialise in solutions that are user  experience focused, cost effective and innovative with respect to technology and deployment business models.

We can advise on process engineering, project management and available technology solutions. We are also happy to undertake research on a clients behalf to identify novel technologies that will ensure products remain at the cutting edge of the market.

Design and Development

We have a wide  range of real-world commercial experience, operating within quality conscious environments and utilising a variety of development processes; from Waterfall to Agile. We are happy to work within a clients development environment, fully integrated into an existing development team  (maintaining defined quality processes and delivering all required process artefacts). Alternatively, we can fully manage any project within our own Agile process, defining and agreeing deliverables and project milestones in advance, sufficient to keep a client fully aware of project status.

We pride ourselves on the quality and innovation of our design and  development skills which are platform, language and technology neutral.  Therefore we are equally at home developing for Mobile (iOS, Android,  Windows Phone) or for the desktop (MacOS X, Windows, Linux) or embedded (C,  C++, Linux, VxWorks). We welcome projects of all sizes: from full systems to  standalone applications, to device drivers or kernel enhancements.

All projects are undertaken with a strong emphasis on quality and as such incorporate testability and maintainability as core aspects.

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